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 Blessed Acres Farm is committed to breeding healthy happy normal eyed Collie puppies. We started raising collies to provide guardians to our LaMancha goats. Collies are amazing guardians to your livestock and family.

Blessed Acres Collies New Vision

In 2007, a collie name Autumn changed us forever.  Autumn became our first vested service dog and our selective breeding program has grown into a life-changing endeavor for ourselves and many others.  Since Autumn, I have had the privilege of placing service and therapy Collies both rough and smooth coat all over the country.  These special collies have been private assistance dogs for individuals with various disabilities such as MS and epilepsy, as well as, therapy dogs in special needs classrooms, nursing homes, and hospitals especially psychiatric facilities.

If you or your loved one is in need of an assistance dog; or you have a heart’s desire to brighten people’s mood by bringing a dog into a their lives for short visits please contact us.

A Note about Collie Eye Anomaly

Collies are a breed that are no stranger to eye problems. My opthamologist stated that affected Collies in the USA total near 75percent of all Collies. Collies affected with the disease are not usually blind, but they can be, and at Blessed Acres we strive to provide an animal that can protect livestock and families to the very best of their abilities. It is my feeling that if I breed I will breed only the best the animal that will remain healthy, happy, and well-adjusted for many years to come. All Blessed Acres Collie will get an eye test done by a certified opthamoligist before going to their new farm or family; or have DNA blood testing to prove their parents are noncarriers and cannot pass the affected eye to their offspring.

You must contact Laura Collins at Blessed Acres Farms if your considering adoption
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